This section is where you get to see the other sides of my life. My biggest pastimes are writing poetry and cycling (when it's not freezing cold outside). I live in Palo Alto, California. You can often find me at Starbucks, primarily because they have the most comfortable chairs where I can sit and write and drink caramel macchiatos.

My other hobbies are numerous, when I can find time for them. I'm a big fan of movie-going and love seeing superb animation and special effects. I'm a collector of quality animation, movies with excellent artwork and good story lines. I love to draw, and I play the saxophone, though not very well. Don't let my recipes page fool you-I'm not really much of a cook. I just like to make cookies, and people have asked me for the recipes. I'm also a language buff, and I know a little bit of way too many languages, without being able to actually speak any. I know French well enough to read novels, though a bit laboriously. I love to travel to interesting places.

And I love my iPod. Here's my latest data from iTunes. Wow! You can really see every private little detail about me on this page, can't you?

These are my most frequently heard songs and podcasts, according to last.fm. It's not incredibly accurate, but hey, this list is not unrepresentative.