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Spring Puddles

Christmas Haiku

a brief selection of haiku

as kittens do,
it follows: not at my side,
but in the flowers

row of children climbs the stairs --
3 feet tall
in yellow raincoats

lazy morning - waking
sleeping    turning...
birds chirping. rush of traffic.

she laughs
her pinky
in my lips

white flowers poking thru
reveal in contrast    the field
i'd never noticed

trampled grass
forms a wooded path.
puddles of spring rain

paddling toward the duck
it flaps away    drifts
   flaps    drifts

too small to see
the waterbug leaps
circles ripple    spot to

   clear flowing water:
before i reach out my hand to drink,
   it drifts downstream

biking through cool wind
glad of the overcast sky

puppy crouching
beneath the shaded window
where the raindrops slide

car putters
around the corner
pitch rises and fades

phone in his hand
       rings and rings
as he fingers
     her last letter

stepping out the door
for a midnight walk,
moths flutter into my house

flickering candle
on the porch    orchids
dance in shadows

walking at night    chilly breeze
the streets are always empty

the yellow streetlights
throw three shadows of a tree
across my path

standing alone there,
waiting -- the rain slides slowly
along his cheek...

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(C) Tom Brinck